Poverty Activist and Author Linda Tirado joins Dwyer in a conversation about how the Rust Belt working class know Trump is a liar, how some voters hoped to jolt the system in hopes something better would happen, and how we need to stop judging, understand and start being better people.
Founder of the Center for Sex & Culture, Dr. Carol Queen joins Dwyer for a captivating conversation about how Trump’s presidency will impede healthy sexual attitudes, keep people in the closet, and how science fiction will help us understand our times.
Matt sits down with labor journalist and campaign consultant Shaun Richman for an inspiring conversation about worker’s rights. They discuss the right to work movement, the growing support of unions, the protests of the Muslim Ban at JFK airport and our mutual love of Stephen Malkmus.
Matt sits down with his partner in life, Kelly Dwyer to discuss the fears of parenting in the aggressive and sexist Trump era and how one raises their child a feminist.
arolyn Gehrig joins Dwyer for an emotional and intense conversation about where the rights of disabled citizens are headed under a Trump Administration. Ms. Gehrig also enlightens us on inspirational porn and how their rights are being stripped away. They also delve into how Trump is all presentation no substance.
Legendary political and social activist Mark Rudd joins Dwyer in an intense and extensive discussion on the state of the Democratic Party, the need for us to organize against Trump, how there will not be an impeachment of Donny and a warning of how our militarized police forces will act violently during protests
Economist and Journalist James S. Henry joins Dwyer in an in-depth discussion about Donald Trump and his curious Russian connections, how privatizing the government is like a sugar fix, why the U.S. won't become an authoritarian state and the importance of independent journalism. Read Mr. Henry's article The Curious World of Donald Trump's Private Russian Connections here: http://www.the-american-interest.com/2016/12/19/the-curious-world-of-donald-trumps-private-russian-connections/
On the premiere episode, Matt Dwyer talks to long time friend and subversive artist Shane Bugbee in this raw gonzo interview program. Shane talks about starting an underground Zine, working with the likes of G.G Allin, Charles Bukowski and John Wayne Gacy. From living out of his car to running his out Soda company, Shane Bugbee is a fascinating human being. FeralAudio.com
Channel and Psychic Nora Herold (http://www.noraherold.com/) sits down with Matt and they have an in depth conversation on what it means to be a channel.
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