Zach Obront and his entrepreneurial journey - Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do

Thu Oct 29 2015

Zack Obront is the co-founder of Book in a Box (co-founded with Tucker Max). Zack always knew that he had the calling to be an entrepreneur, and immediately after college he chose a path of self-direction. While he interned at a major Canadian financial institution, he never took the traditional job journey. While he loves to code, he knows that a job where he is not emotionally invested could not fulfill him at the core.Join in this episode and hear Zach's journey, his love of being an entrepreneur, his advice to working with partners, etc... He has seen first hand how selecting the people around you can lead to a better and more fulfilling workplace, and he is one who gives of his time. Having only lived in Austin, TX for a few months is a volunteer at a local feed the homeless program and a volunteer with Austin Pets Alive.This is a great episode and you will enjoy learning from Zach's journey.

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Like all of us, Jesse Smith enjoys having fun. In fact, some have called him a "play expert" because Jesse believes that fun and play are such an important part of child’s life that he has made that he has invested countless hours to help families build stronger relationships through play. Jesse has over 3 decades of working with children and has spent the last 15 years working with both parents and their children to help them discover how they can lead a more fulfilling life. Jesse has also been involved in the hobby gaming community as a reviewer for board games from both small and large companies. Jesse graduated from Bethel Seminary with a Master of Arts in Children & Family Ministry, co-authored “What Matters Now in Children’s Ministry: Early Childhood Edition” and “The Advent Book.” He currently serves on the Cory Center, a non-profit project of Bethel Seminary where he is able to assist young leaders who work with families. Jesse also publishes game reviews on Board Games With Dad. Prior to opening his toy store, Sockmonkey Junction, Jesse served as a Family Pastor, a Youth Pastor, spent 8 years as a contractor for the Secretary of Defense, and served 4 years in the US Army. Jesse asks; "Do you play enough?" Think about it... he is right: It’s how we should live our lives! About Sockmonkey Junction (Jesse's Toy Store in Mansfield, TX): Sockmonkey Junction helps create smiles. When you enter, you'll find their shelves contain quality toys, fun-filled games, and a choice selection of used children's books. There are no toys that need batteries, because Sockmonkey Junction is all about getting kids to play and use their imagination. But they are more than the items on our shelf. The goal of Jesse and his co-owners is to help you discover items that will strengthen the bonds of families and friendships. They also want to help you make the best choices, so they only sell items that they are confident will be played with again and again. Find a smile inside Sockmonkey Junction, located on Main Street in beautiful downtown Mansfield, TX.
Vicki Hitzges is a professional speaker with more than 20 years of business success. In an industry where few people can have a busy career for five years, Vicki has continuously been educating and entertaining audiences in a variety of industries. She was not a natural speaker, and early on she admits to being the worst speaker in her high school speech class. But with her mother's advice of "be yourself" she entered college and found her way get past being shy, make friends. and navigate into the world. She began her after college anchoring TV news in Dallas, Texas. She interviewed U.S. Presidents, business titans, professional athletes and movie stars! Then, things got even better! Zig Ziglar, the world’s top motivational speaker, hired her as his publicist. Zig admired her creativity and launched her speaking career! (Yes, she was discovered by the legendary Zig Ziglar!) As a keynoter, Vicki teaches people what she has learned over her lifetime– how to have crucial “people skills”, how to be hard on yourself so the world will be easier on you, how to risk enough to get ahead, and how to exude a positive attitude. She travels the world to conferences, walks alone into crowded hotel ballrooms, start conversations, and make friends. Corporations around the globe book Vicki to teach their people to wow their customers, work together and thrive, conquer change, and clobber deadlines. To learn more about Vicki visit ***** Also, to donate to Thom's February Fundraiser for the "Kate Singer Endowment" visit (search the "Designation" pull down menu for "Kate Singer Endowment")
Thom Singer shares his year journey of running, eating better, and losing 30 lbs. For a non-runner this was a big accomplishment at age 50, but the funny thing is as a healthy man he apparently always had the potential to run, he just never did it. In Jr High his PE coach called him a "lard ass" as he could not run a 440. In 2017 that coach would probably be fired for saying that, but in the 1970s that was a common thing. At an early age Thom self-identified as one who was not athletic, and certainly not a runner. But if the potential was there all along, how come he never knew it. This is a problem facing many people. Individuals and organizations have a lot of potential, but they often come up short. Potential does not equal results. In this episodes Thom talks about the 10 areas his research is showing that hold people back from accomplishing all they are capable of doing. He uses his new found running as the metaphor, but relates it all his experience with business. 1. Lack of focus 2. Fear of failure 3. No plan 4. Too many distractions 5. Can't get past their past 6. Procrastination 7. Naysayers telling them they can't succeed 8. Stuck in a comfort zone 9. It is not their priority (and that is okay, too) 10. Don't have the right support / network Now is the time to take ownership of your results.