United Artists released Modern Times to theaters on February 5, 1936; grossing $165,000. Charles Chaplin directs the film silent film starring Charles Chaplin, Paulette Goddard, and Henry Bergman. The post Modern Times (1936) appeared first on MHM Podcast Network.
Lee, Bruce Lee is a philosopher and skilled martial artist from the Shaolin temple. The Brits ask Lee to go undercover, and help them bring down a gangster named Mr. Han who is accused of drug trafficking and pimping. Lee agrees because Han was once a Shaolin student, and he has brought dishonor to the temple. The post Enter The Dragon (1973) appeared first on MHM Podcast Network.
Father Flynn heads a Catholic parish in 1964 in the Bronx. He gives a sermon on doubt and says that it can be a binding force for those in the community. Sister Aloysius, an austere nun, and principal of the parish school, becomes suspicious of Father Flynn and worries that he might have doubts about his faith or the church. The post Doubt (2008) appeared first on MHM Podcast Network.
Dobbs and Curtin are two out of work Americans living in Tampico, Mexico, ca. 1925. They meet Howard, an old prospector, who puts the idea of mining gold to make money in their head. The three men pool their money to finance a gold mining expedition in the Sierra Madre mountains. The post The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948) appeared first on MHM Podcast Network.
Love Actually is a massive ensemble film with seemingly disconnected stories that are later revealed to be tied together by the holiday season, and well, love actually. The post Love Actually (2003) appeared first on MHM Podcast Network.


Meet Me in St. Louis is a peek back in time at 20th Century Middle America. Based upon a memoir by Sally Benson, we follow the life of the Smith Family for a year. 1903 was a momentous year for the Smiths and for the city of St. Louis. The post Meet Me in St. Louis (1944) appeared first on MHM Podcast Network.
Yojimbo begins with a master less samurai, also known as a ronin, wandering the Japanese countryside. The ronin stops near a farmhouse and overhears a couple lament about their only son whose has given up the farming life in order to join a group of thugs working in a nearby town that is involved in a brutal gang war. The post Yojimbo (1961) appeared first on MHM Podcast Network.
Maria (played and sung to perfection by the Great Julie Andrews) is living in a beautiful Austrian Abbey hoping to become a nun. She is not the candidate most likely to succeed. She has problems with the conformity of the Sisters. The post The Sound of Music (1965) appeared first on MHM Podcast Network.
After General Maximus destroys the last of the barbarian resistance, Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius is morose and wishes to leave a more positive legacy on his death. He tells Maximus that he will appoint him Emperor on his death so that Maximus can return government authority to the Roman Senate. Maximus demurs, since he just wants to return home to his family and farm. The post Gladiator (2000) appeared first on MHM Podcast Network.
Travis Bickle is an Ex-Marine who probably suffers from what we’d today call PTSD. He lives in a run-down apartment in the cesspool of what is the 1970’s New York City. He’s a very lonely man who in many cases lacks the people skills you and I take for granted. The post Taxi Driver (1976) appeared first on MHM Podcast Network.
An old Salieri slices his own throat, begging forgiveness from Mozart for supposedly assassinating him. He is carted off to a mental institution where a priest visits him and offers him absolution. Salieri tells the priest why he killed Mozart. The post Amadeus (1984) appeared first on MHM Podcast Network.
The Matrix begins with a squad of police officers surrounding a building where they believe a computer hacker by the name of Trinity is currently hiding. A mysterious group of “agents” show up and chastise the police commander for not waiting for them before entering the building, due to the dangerous nature of their suspect. The post The Matrix (1999) appeared first on MHM Podcast Network.
A Senator from an unnamed State has just passed away. It is up to the State’s Governor to appoint a replacement for him. Or is it? We quickly learn that a ruthless political machine runs the unnamed State. Jim Taylor is the man pulling the strings. The post Mr. Smith Goes To Washington (1939) appeared first on MHM Podcast Network.
The tough, but vulnerable Cabiria is robbed, and thrown into a river by her boyfriend, Giorgio, whom she adores. Cabiria can’t swim, and nearly drowns, but some boys save her at the last minute. The post Le Notti di Cabiria (Nights of Cabiria) (1957) appeared first on MHM Podcast Network on Movie House Memories.
Teenager Marty McFly assists local nutty scientist, Dr. Emmet Brown with his experiments. Dr. Brown asks Marty to meet him at the mall late that night. In the meantime, Marty’s hopes for a big date are crushed when his Dad, George, lends his car his boss, Biff, and Biff crashes it. The post Back To The Future (1985) appeared first on MHM Podcast Network on Movie House Memories.

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