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Wed Jul 22 2015

In this episode, we kick it with Sean Ogle. Sean is a location independent entrepreneur with experience in SEO, consulting, and affiliate marketing, to name a few things. He’s also the creator of Location 180 where he helps guys get out of the corporate struggle and achieve a lifestyle marked by freedom. Listen to this week’s show and learn: -How Sean is more productive when he works only 4 hours per day -What got David fed up corporate America and motivated him to quit -Sean’s big “aha” moment while drinking out of a coconut on the beach during carnival in Rio -What finally made Sean quit his job, move to Bangkok, and do his own thing -Why moving abroad will motivate and empower you to make an online income -The very first thing you should do before quitting your job and trying to build a business -The truth about if starting a blog is really worth it -The fastest way to start making money online -5 skills you can quickly learn that will pay the bills while you work for yourself -The biggest misconception about quitting your job and going location independent -How long it takes to make real money off of blogging -Why sometimes you definitely should NOT quit your job to pursue your passions -The next thing on each of our bucket lists See the full show notes at

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Our guest today is Daniel from Dating Medellin. Daniel moved to Medellin, Colombia a few years ago, and he quickly realized the dating landscape was A LOT different than the USA. Instead of pouting and slamming his head against the wall, he dove in, learned what worked, and figured out how to have a fulfilling dating life in Colombia - and he gives you his roadmap in Dating Medellin. Today, we’ll talk about how to meet and attract women while traveling outside of your country, and really anywhere outside of your hometown. This episode is brought to you by Nattr. Nattr is a free iPhone app that helps you perfect your text game, get more dates, and better responses from women. Not sure what to respond to a girl? Can't think of a good first message on Tinder? All you have to do is screenshot the conversation, post it to the Nattr app, and a team of expert writers, comedians, and dating coaches, including us, will respond within minutes. So grab your iPhone, download Nattr for free, and never be tongue-tied on a text again. Listen to this episode and learn: -Why Daniel was miserable in his "successful" corporate job - and how he pulled himself out -Stories from our experiences of meeting women while traveling -The first thing you need to realize when traveling to a new city or country -Dating pitfalls you can fall into while traveling -The importance of having patience -The 2 biggest differences to look for when meeting women while traveling -Daniel's logical system for dating while travelling For the full show notes, go to
In episode 45 of the Beastly Gentleman podcast we talk with Noam Lightstone. Noam is a patented inventor, Master’s graduate, digital nomad, and bestselling author who founded Light Way Of Thinking, an online resource dedicated to providing you with actionable advice and tools for dealing with situations we all face that cause stress and anxiety. Listen to this episode and learn: - Noam’s powerful story recovering from a crippling, deep depression - A simple 80/20 approach to beat depression and eliminate anxiety - Why you should probably consider going to therapy - Mental wastes: what they are and how to get rid of them - How to overcome any fear, one step at a time - 3 reasons to be cautious about taking prescription medications Read full show notes at:
In episode 44 of the Beastly Gentleman podcast we talk with Christian McQueen for the second time. Christian is the founder of, where he gives no BS dating advice and teaches men how to become social powerhouses. Listen to this episode and learn: -How to avoid the trap of being needy -How to stop fantasizing about women too quickly -Attributes to look for in a potential long-term girl -Why it's a good thing if a girl shit-tests you -Whether or not you should treat women differently based on your dating goals -The importance of being comfortable being alone -If your behavior should differ before versus after you've had sex -How to boldly set the expectations as early as the first date -The importance of keeping separate lives in relationships For the full show notes, go to