Debbie highlights some of her favorite conversations of 2016, including Alison Bechdel, Alain de Botton, Lisa Congdon, Chris Anderson, Krista Tippet, Eileen Myles, and Amanda Palmer.
Debbie talks to Adam J. Kurtz about designing for psychological health. “I’m not going to change your life, I’m just going to share with you the tools that are helping me.”
Debbie talks to New York Times Magazine design director Gail Bichler about magazine design and the role of the magazine cover in the digital age.
Debbie talks to Cindy Gallop about her career in advertising and about the trouble people have communicating about sex.
Debbie talks to writer Tim Ferriss about the strategies he has used to change his life.


Debbie talks to poet Eileen Myles about poetry, fame, and politics.
Debbie talks to designer Keira Alexandra about what to do when you need extras for a video shoot.
Debbie talks to architect Pierluigi Serraino about some of the things creative people have in common.
Debbie talks to Stack Magazines founder Steven Watson about the passion behind the independent magazines that he loves.
Debbie talks to designer Bonnie Siegle about her career and about the conflict between designers and their clients.
Debbie talks to designer, writer, and researcher Lana Z. Porter about branding for millennials + more.
Debbie talks to information designer Giorgia Lupi about data visualization and the data of our personal lives.
Debbie talks to Joe Hollier about an invention of his that is designed to bring back boredom in the era of the smartphone.
Debbie talks to type designer Tobias Frere-Jones about his career and why typefaces are like the air we breathe.
On this episode, Debbie talks to Tiffany Shlain about her films, about starting the Webby Awards, and about the growing presence of technology in our lives.

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