Episode 20 - 18 to 49

Thu Jul 17 2014

Episode 20 - live and in living color! For this week's special episode, we bring back previous guests Jordan Renee and Abe Cajudo. Our focus for the episode - black cinema. Highlights: What IS a black film? Brandi twerks. Alaia causes outrage (more than once). Abe has a breakdown. Jordan impresses with her cinematic knowledge. And everyone but Alaia sings and speaks Pootie Tang. And if you suck at black films, like Alaia does, don't fear. Brandi and our guests give you an essential "must watch" list. Join our super fans on Facebook: http://facebook.com/18to49 Live tweet along with us: http://twitter.com/18to49podcast Suggest a black film for Alaia to watch: email 18to49podcast[at]gmail.com Follow Jordan: http://twitter.com/jordansaidso Become friends with Abe: http://twitter.com/ahabraham and https://www.facebook.com/abecajudo/

Previous Episodes

On this episode, Alaia is joined by her friend Justin as they look back over the first seven seasons of the widely loved and critically acclaimed show Gilmore Girls. We discuss our favorite episodes, moments, town characters and more. Follow Justin on Twitter at http://twitter.com/justinscarelli Follow along with 18 to 49 http://twitter.com/18to49podcast http://facebook.com/18to49 http://www.18to49podcast.com
10/13 is a special date for fans of The X-Files. For those not in the know, its the birthday of creator Chris Carter, and the name of his production company ("I made this!"). On this special day, Alaia is joined by two of her best X-Files loving friends, Faiza and Justin to discuss Season 10 - with a twist. The series order was rearranged before the episodes aired. Before recording, the trio watched in the originally intended order. You'll learn how these three friends found the show and get insights into what impact watching S10 in the original order had (hint, its better). Connect with Faiza and Justin on Twitter: http://twitter.com/legallyfm http://twitter.com/justinscarelli Follow 18 to 49: http://twitter.com/18to49podcast http://facebook.com/18to49 http://18to49podcast.com Questions, feedback or love notes? Email: 18to49podcast @ gmail
18 to 49 is back - and so is the new season of television. Peak TV shows no signs of being over and Karly from Core Temp Arts and TV Ate My Brain joins Alaia to discuss new and returning shows on your favorite broadcast, cable, and streaming networks. Annnnnd, it's episode 100. Woohoo! Learn more about Karly at www.coretemparts.com or follow along on Twitter: http://twitter.com/coretemparts and http://twitter.com/karlyvision Pop culture questions? Feedback? Love notes? Email 18to49podcast (at) gmail.com www.18to49podcast.com http://twitter.com/18to49podcast http://facebook.com/18to49