Cristen and Caroline bid a fond farewell to Stuff Mom Never Told You with a hopeful eye toward future independent feminist media.
Cristen and Caroline explore the history of women's marches, the whitewashing of activist history and what it takes to maintain a movement's momentum.
Cristen and Caroline unpack the etymological root of misandry and the chilling effect of crying man hater.
Cristen and Caroline explain long-acting reversible contraception (IUDs and implants) and how stigma and sterilization fears have slowed their spread.
Cristen and Caroline decode the underlying messages of how we perceive orphaned children, adoption stereotypes and the meaning of family.


Retail is America's largest employment sector that often treats its low-wage workforce worse than an H&M sales rack. Cristen and Caroline explain why.
Cristen and Caroline stitch together fast fashion's implications not only for the environment, but for women's and children's rights around the globe.
Cristen and Caroline unpack the Bury Your Gays trope, how it affects offscreen culture and whether the Lexa Pledge will make a difference.
Why does the forecast for women broadcast meteorologists often call for sexism? Cristen and Caroline track the origin of the Weather Girl stereotype.
Cristen and Caroline trace social work's intersectional origins, celebrate unsung black social workers and examine the prevalent issue of burnout.
Cristen and Caroline donate an episode to nonprofit's not-so-generous gender dynamics and burnout-prone working conditions.
Mansplaining is patronizing overconfidence with a penis attached. Cristen and Caroline womansplain its origin, meaning and why anyone can do it.
Is genius a guy thing? Cristen and Caroline unpack creative misogyny and why scientists today are rethinking what brilliance looks like.
The day after the 2016 election, Cristen and Caroline what it all means, what's left to celebrate and why nasty women must keep fighting.
With history as their guide, Cristen and Caroline forecast how a gender revolution in the Oval Office will affect long-term equality at large.

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