Owen Parsons joins me on a safari of interviews at ToyFair. Pictures and links to the products discussed at http://bit.ly/y5LJyO
One of my most highly requested guests sits down to talk about one of my least requested topics. The first 2/3rds of the show have no Downton Abbey spoilers and there's a clear warning before specifics.
This week Francesco Marciuliano talks about how he became the writer of the nationally syndicated comic strip Sally Forth, the life of a newspaper cartoonist, what made Peanuts so great, and The Muppets.
David Peterson explains how he took the approximately 30 Dothraki words George RR Martin created when writing Game of Thrones and extrapolated it into an entire language.
This week Jeff's guest is AndrewSmith1986, the #2 commenter on Reddit and moderator of some of the website's most popular sections including pics, funny, and IAMA. http://www.reddit.com/user/andrewsmith1986


DC Pierson is adapting his novel for film. We talk about the proccess, some of the best literary adaptations, some of the worst, and also MF Doom.
Dan Rollman of RecordSetter.com discusses where his love of records came from, some of the most impressive records he's ever seen, and officiates an on-the-air world record attempt by Jeff. PLUS - a followup to last week's movie episode answers some of li
Jeff, Pat Cassels, and Ben Rodgers analyze the films of 2012, but can they beat the gong?
Weird NJ is a magazine that chronicles the nooks and crannies of the New Jersey. Here are some of the weirdest things that Chris Gethard ever found while working there.
Adam Cornelius directed The Ecstasy of Order, a documentary about competitive Tetris. Here he tells us what skills you need to compete, how good you have to be, and why NES Tetris is the definitive version.
Jon Finkel is arguably the greatest Magic the Gathering player ever. He's also been a part of a Blackjack card counting team, played professional poker, and currently manages a hedge fund. On this week's show, we find out how all these things are related.
Jeff and Casey Johnston visit the International Quidditch World Cup to figure out how it's played and who is responsible.
Jeff talks to two writers from his favorite show, which happens to be a Canadian high school drama for teens.
Chris Gethard discusses why he's excited about public access, Big Lake, and revisits a letter he once wrote to X-Factor.
Jeff, Sarah Schneider, Pat Cassels, and Adam Frucci sit down for a round of Battlestar Galactica, but who is the Cylon infiltrator and can the other three figure it out in time? SPOILER/AWESOMENESS ALERT - this episode contains in-depth discussion of the entire Battlestar Galactica series.

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