Amir stops by to talk about Jake & Amir and his role in the upcoming Harold & Kumar 3D.
In August Kumail and Jeff talked about which upcoming games they were most excited about. What lived up to expectations?
This week's guest is Nicholas Gurewitch, creator of The Perry Bible Fellowship ( plus Pat Cassels returns to 100% the summer movie revue. Comics discussed in this episode include: Colonel Sweeto - City - - Wish - Bacon - Throbblefoot Aquarium - Punch Bout - hood - Dragon- Duncan - The other comic, whose name we never get quite right, is A Natural Look by Matthew K -
Settlers of Catan creator Klaus Teuber joins us all the way from Germany to talk how he created the game, his favorite house rules, and the potential for future Catan expansions.
A conversation with Dr. Will Brooker, a man wrote a PHd thesis about Batman.


Pat hosts a Breaking Bad panel featuring Jeff Rubin and Entertainment Weekly's Darren Franich. SPOILER WARNING - Breaking Bad plot details through season 4, episode 12 are discussed.
Improv Everywhere creator Charlie Todd discusses the origins of the prank collective, the trouble with flash mobs, and the two occasions where he's had trouble with the police.
DC Comics just relaunched every single one of their comics. Comic book writer Alex Zalben helps us figure out why and if it worked. There are 52 new comics. At least a few of them must be worth checking out. PLUS: Jon Gabrus (from the JRJR Show about Game of Thrones) returns to talk about the gameshow he's hosting on MTV and White Castle.
Everyone loves roller coasters but which are the best, what makes them so great, and where do they come from? This week we find out with roller coaster designer Jonathan Gordon of Gordon Rides and Robb Alvey of
Everything Is Terrible doesn't just uncover incredible videos that have been forgotten to time, they also use editing to weave them into something entirely new. This week on the Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show we talk about where the clips come from, their collection of 1,500 copies of Jerry Maguire, and the unbelievable Everything Is Terrible movie that's made entirely of found footage.
Kumail Nanjiani (Letterman, Conan, Franklin & Bash, The Indoor Kids podcast) stops by to talk about the holiday season's most exciting games, and also Skyward Sword.
This week High Times magazine's Senior Cultivation Expert Danny Danko stops by to talk about being a pot nerd, appreciating the differences between different strains, and the dominance of the High Times softball team.
Muxtape was one of the last great music sites shut down by the RIAA. This week we discuss it's rise and fall with creator Justin Ouilette. Also, what the hell, let's talk about Mass Effect at the end too.
Jeff and CollegeHumor's Pat Cassels discuss the great cinematic experiences of the summer including Harry Potter 7, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Transformers 3, Cowboys & Aliens, Green Lantern, X-Men, and… LA Noire?
The Daily What is one of Internet culture's most influential sites. In this episode we talk to the editor/only employee Nitzan to learn how it got there, and what it takes to stay on top.

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