According to Yelp, Scott's Pizza Tours is the #1 rated tour in New York City - but how did Scott start this operation, how does he choose what pizza places to visit every week, and how much pizza does he eat for research, and is this really his full-time job? These answers and more in this week's Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show.
Jon Gabrus and Jeff discuss the incredible first season of Game of Thrones. Along the way there are slight detours into The Wire, Friday Night Lights, Dungeons and Dragons, Lost, Deadwood, and masturbating on horses. The first half of the conversation is spoiler free, so even those that haven't watched Game of Thrones can listen. You will be very obviously warned before specifics from the show are discussed. The spoilers only pertain to the first season of the show and the first book in the series- further books are not discussed. Show Links (they'll make more sense after you listen) -- That article from the Penn State newspaper - Rose McGowen in Conan -
Pete plays guitar and Nintendo for a rock band called Anamanaguchi. Here he explains how that works, and what it was like to do the soundtrack for the Scott Pilgrim videogame. Theme/outro music by The Bikini Carwash Company
Find out what to expect from this podcast in the spectacular 0th episode of the Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show!

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