Kathryn Potts of the Whitney Museum of American Art explains how to understand art, you dummy.
Opera has existed for centuries but, in this week's Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show, we finally learn how to enjoy it.
Ben Model accompanies silent movies on a piano. Here he explains how, why, and how you can learn to appreciate silent film. silent
Dr. Will Brooker might be the world's expert on Batman. Here, he tells us how to enjoy Batman comics.
Grucci Fireworks is a six-generation family owned/operated company with several world records. In this week's episode, the CEO explains how to appreciate fireworks.


In episode 2 of Mental Floss’ new podcast An Even Better You, Jeff talks to Eric Zimmerman about how to enjoy board games.
In episode 1 of Mental Floss’ new podcast An Even Better You, Jeff talks to Scott of Scott’s Pizza Tour about how to enjoy your pizza like a pro.
Lisa Hanawalt is an illustrator who designed the look and characters of Netflix’s Bojack Horseman. Here, she explains how and why.
Mark Edlitz interviewed 35 actors who have played superheroes and wrote a book about them. Here, he explains how and why.
You won't know this week's guests or topic until you start listening. What secrets lie at the heart of THE MYSTERY EPISODE? Are you brave enough to find out?
Mark Saltveit is a world champion palindromist, and Vince Clemente is trying to make a documentary about palindromes. Here, they explain how and why.
Joe Hennes and Ryan Roe run ToughPigs.com, a site for grown-up fans of The Muppets. Here, we discuss how and why.
John Collins designed a world record-setting paper airplane. Here he explains how, why, and how he found a thrower. http://www.thepaperairplaneguy.com/
Dustin Growick runs tours of the American Natural History Museum in New York. Here, we discuss dinosaurs.
Chelsea Marshall explains how she became the animals editor and Buzzfeed, what she does in the role, and which animal is the most underrated.

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