DESIGN NOTES with Dina Rodriguez of LetterShoppe - Design Notes

Thu Feb 04 2016

Full show notes: For the first episode of 2016 and the first episode ever streamed live on Twitch, I spoke with Dina Rodriguez of LetterShoppe. Dina is an artist with an amazing skill for hand-lettering and a penchant for sharing her knowledge in as many ways as possible, including her live Twitch stream at In this episode, we talked about getting inspiration, looking at projects from a new angle, the ins and outs of streaming creative work live, and the benefits of being transparent in your work. For the full rundown hit the link above.

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This time I had a chat with Steve Selzer, Experience Design Manager at Airbnb. Originally I met Steve at MCE in Warsaw where he gave a talk on designing friction into products intentionally, an idea that sounds counterintuitive but one that highlights the importance of reflection and self-actualization in every experience. In the episode we covered the idea of humanity-centered design, how designers can think of themselves and their products in relation to a user's life, and how to avoid a dystopian on-demand future. After you listen to the episode, check out Steve's posts on Medium for more, and don't forget to share the episode if you like it :) Full show notes at Original illustration for album art by Christopher Delorenzo