4   Hour 3: 12/19/16 Dec 19 2016
3   Best Of: 12/19/16 Dec 19 2016
2   Best Of: 7/8/16 Jul 08 2016
1   Hour 1: 7/8/16 Jul 08 2016
Le Batard and Stugotz discuss last night's Miami Heat loss. Also, Dan is surprised how much the audience loved Mina Kimes yesterday.
Le Batard and Stugotz debate how much skill it takes to accurately fill out March Madness brackets. Also, Dave Chappelle had some interesting comments on fame and money.
Le Batard and Stugotz are joined by ESPN's Tom Haberstroh and we check in live with First Take.
Brent Musburger joins the guys for two segments and we send you into the weekend the only way we know how... with the club!!
On today's show, Brent Musburger admits he once stole a car and we celebrate the national treasures that are Lavar Ball and Stephen A Smith.
Le Batard and Stugotz reveal whether or not they regularly wear robes. Also, our football expert, Cian Fahey joins us to discuss the Dolphins' offseason moves so far.
We play one of our favorite games, "Dan Scrolling Through His Phone Looking For Funny Things He Marked". Also, Dave Zirin joins the show to discuss Colin Kaepernick.
Trans-Atlantic paddle boarder, Chris Bertish returns for the third day in a row. Guillermo is done playing nice and hits him with all the hard hitting questions.
Tim Kurkjian joins the show to discuss the World Baseball Classic and break down our March Sadness tournament.
On today's show, Stugotz can't pronounce valentine and Guillermo confronts the Trans-Atlantic paddle boarder. Also, Tim Kurkjian breaks down our March Sadness tournament.