On today's show, we'll talk about the growing number of ways to combine charity with shopping; interview New York Times columnist Tom Friedman about his new work, "Thank You For Being Late"; and look at Google's Neural Machine Translation system, an invention that's created its own internal language.
On today's show, we'll talk about today's launch of the NFL's virtual reality series; look at the tech that goes behind bringing your turkey to the table; and chat with Chris Milk, the CEO of Within, about why he thinks VR is going to be a big deal.
On today's show, we'll talk to Business Insider's Ben Gilbert about the market for virtual reality, and play this week's Silicon Tally with with Geoffrey Fowler, personal technology columnist for the Wall Street Journal.
On today's show, we'll talk about the possibility of a "new-collar" job market, which would consist of jobs in cybersecurity, data science and artificial intelligence that require less than a four-year degree; the effect that our new administration's policies could have on the tech industry; and Shinola's entrance into the world of audio.
On today's show, we'll talk about what those who run sharing-economy businesses might expect under President-elect Donald Trump; a new method to catch elephant and rhino poachers; some false advertising over companies' use of the label "deals"; and new features from Facebook that include disappearing videos and photos.
On today's show, we'll look at the appointments Trump made to help lead our country's telecommunications policy: a former lobbyist for Sprint and an economist from the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank. We'll also interview Jessica Brillhart, the principal filmmaker for virtual reality at Google.
On today's show, we'll chat with Google's director of product, Aparna Chennapragada, about the new voice assistant Google Home, and play this week's Silicon Tally with the producer of our "Codebreaker" podcast, Clare Toeniskoetter.
A toddler who saved her mother's life with Siri, a man whose mysterious ailment opened up a world of voice recognition technology and a dating service that wants to scan the faces of all your exes. Listen, decode, and decide: Can recognition software save us? Stay updated on all things Codebreaker.
Since Donald Trump's victory last week, encryption apps have seen an increase in users — like Signal, which has experienced 400 percent growth. On today's show, we'll interview Moxie Marlinspike, co-founder of the company that created the app. In other privacy news, Chicago has started constructing a network of data sensors to monitor the city's traffic flow — but some are worried that it could be used as a spying tool. We'll dive into their concerns. Plus: We have a preview of the second season of our "Codebreaker" podcast, which launches today. This season's fundamental question about tech: Can it save us?
Our country voted not only on a new president last week, but also on various marijuana initiatives. Massachusetts, Nevada, Maine and California each passed measures legalizing the substance. We'll talk with Carter Laren, co-founder of the weed startup Gateway, about what this could mean for business. Plus: We'll chat with Pixar's former CFO Lawrence Levy about his new book, "To Pixar and Beyond," about the rise of the animation studio.