Ep 295 - Spectre - John Matta - Comedy Film Nerds

Tue Nov 10 2015

*FILMS DISCUSSED: SCOUTS GUIDE TO THE ZOMBIE APOCALPYSE, SPECTRE* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest and long time friend John Matta. Graham had fun watching Scouts Guide. All three enjoyed Spectre but felt like maybe 007 is done. John talks about his new book and working with Kurt Russell. Amy Schumer and Sherlock Holmes are on DVD which makes the slow weekend in theaters easier to take. This ep will make you want to clap at a trailer.

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*FILMS DISCUSSED: BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS, GET OUT, BELKO EXPERIMENT, COCO, DESPICABLE ME 3* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest, Ramon Rivas II. Graham liked Beauty and The Beast even though the movie was not for him. Chris liked low budget horror film, The Girl With All The Gifts. Ramon was happy he saw Get Out. Graham is all about Belko Experiment. Ramon saw two Elijah Wood classics. Coco trailer gave all three hope while no one is that pumped to see Despicable Me 3. Not sure what anyone can do with the lame slate of DVDs and new releases this week. An episode for all those who want a real life The Purge.
*FILMS DISCUSSED: KONG, SING STREET, LOGAN, WONDER WOMAN, BABY DRIVER* Paul Gilmartin is back with Chris and Graham at ATC studios. Chris liked Kong: Skull Island. Graham and Chris enjoyed the fun of Sing Street. Everyone is very skeptical about the Wonder Woman trailer, while Baby Driver looks slightly more promising. Paul talks about why documentaries are his favorite genre. Decent DVD and in theaters this week. An episode that encourages you to go up the river to battle demons.
*FILMS DISCUSSED: LOGAN, GET OUT, ALIEN COVENANT, WAR MACHINE* Chris and Graham welcome first time guest, Nick Youssef. Nick talks about an upcoming podcast and the history of the Comedy Store. Chris and Nick liked Logan a lot. Graham and Nick were excited about Get Out. New Alien trailer looks good. All three were a little confused about War Machine. Good DVDs and two very different films coming out in theaters. This ep is all about the S and B!